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Our Partnership with TerraCycle


With limited curbside recycling, TerraCycle allows you to easily recycle your well-used containers. As part of a mission to Eliminate the Idea of Waste®, they accept typically non-recyclable items.

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How to Recycle


Register with TerraCycle today to get access to all your recycling options.


Collect your well-used food storage containers, and recycle them through our free program.


The containers you send in will be given new life, recycled into completely new products.

What do I do before I recycle?

Make sure all excess food has been removed from the containers and lids that you'd like to recycle.

What happens to my recycled containers?

Materials are separated, cleaned, and can then be recycled into new items—like picnic tables and watering cans.

Currently Available in the US and Canada: