Your Essential Organization Outline

Your Essential Organization Outline

Daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to keep your home organized.

Your Essential Organization Outline

Getting any home organized — from those that just need a little help to those that need a complete overhaul—requires the same principles and tools. No matter where your home fits in the spectrum, try out these ideas to take control. While they might sound simple, these daily, weekly, and monthly tips are often as easy to forget as they are to do in the first place.


  • Read and sort the mail; recycle junk mail immediately
  • Empty the dishwasher if needed
  • Respond to a couple of emails
  • Make the bed
  • Add items to a weekly grocery list


  • Wash, fold and put away all laundry
  • Empty trash and recycling bins in kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Take all garbage and recycling to the curb
  • Pay a couple of bills
  • File any paperwork that has stacked up, like tax receipts and paid bills
  • Straighten up one room
  • Clean out your purse or wallet


  • Tidy up closets
  • Clean out a drawer
  • Clean out the fridge
  • Check the pantry for expired or soon-to-be-expired items
  • Take donation pile to Goodwill, Salvation Army or other charities
  • Check your desk for dried up pens and markers


  • Properly dispose of expired items from your medicine cabinet
  • Clean out your makeup bag or drawer
  • Go through a stack of magazines and recycle those you don't need anymore