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Mower room: Get in gear and put your house in order this spring.
Spring-loaded system
A little organization can keep spring in your step

Today’s busy family lifestyles may make it difficult, if not impossible, to plan for a major weekend (or more) of spring-cleaning activities. Fortunately, simple planning can make shorter work of your spring-cleaning this year. Here are some easy ways you can do this.

There’s no way you can get everything done all at once, so divide and conquer your home. Decide which rooms need to become neat, organized and attractive first.

In most homes, candidates for the first-rounds of early-spring cleaning will be social spaces that you spend the most amount of time in, like the kitchen, living room and front hall, as well as functional spaces like the hall closet or bathroom.

Outdoor spaces like patios, porches, sheds, garages, and potting rooms also need care, but you can tackle these once the weather warms, in a second round of later-spring cleaning.

After prioritizing target rooms and areas in the home, break them into projects by separating home-improvement “wish lists” from actual cleaning chores. Tackle the cleaning first and home-improvement projects second, except where home-improvement tasks make cleaning easier.

One example of this may be when you want to cut the clutter in your hall closet, and really scour those corners, but you have no idea how to organize the contents. In that case, you should install a closet-organizing kit like Rubbermaid’s Configurations, so you can organize and tidy at the same time.

Similarly, if a bursting-at-the-seams garage is preventing you from cleaning, let alone organizing, consider making some extra room with Rubbermaid Roughneck Sheds series of durable, lockable, weather-resistant and attractive outdoor storage buildings.

After that, donate useable items you no longer want, throw out the trash, and store garage essentials in a highly visible and accessible system like Rubbermaid’s vertical-space utilizing, fully customizable and adjustable FastTrack system.

Resist the urge to tackle your whole home all by yourself. Parents should delegate tasks by asking kids to tidy their own rooms, or work on cleaning the fridge. You can also try creating family time during spring cleaning by spending a few hours on a Saturday tackling the organization of an asset that everyone in the family probably finds valuable, like the sporting goods.

Finally, space out your cleaning over a period of time, checking projects off the list as you go. By focusing on busy, high-traffic, high profile rooms first, you may not see results fast, which can prove de-motivating. Work from your highest priority rooms to your lowest priority ones, and concentrate on smaller individual projects whenever you find time. After all, you may not be able to deep clean and reorganize your entire kitchen in one afternoon—but you could definitely clean and organize the junk drawer during one phone call to a friend with Rubbermaid Drawer Organizers.