• Infuser Carafe is an innovative alternative for infusing fruit into cold beverages – perfect for summer entertaining.

  • Serve your friends and family with style and ease. The Rubbermaid Carafe combines the style of a carafe with the functionality of a pitcher to provide an easy and innovative way to serve beverages.

  • Lemonade, tea, water – all drinks are easy to serve and store with Rubbermaid Classic Pitchers.

  • Shake things up! Rubbermaid MixerMate Bottles are great for mixing just about anything.

  • Mix? Shake? Store? Serve? The Rubbermaid MixerMate Pitcher does all of the above.

  • Goodbye mixing spoon. The Rubbermaid Mixing Pitcher’s built-in mixer blends powdered or frozen beverages without utensils or messy shaking.

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Mixing Pitchers

5 out of 5

I fell in love with the mixing pitcher years ago. It was hard to find when I wanted more. Our daughter had given us one as a gift. Now we own about 7 as I bought some for our winter home as well as more for our northern home. It is so easy to stir th....

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