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Refuse to lose
When it comes to dealing with garbage, Rubbermaid has got you covered

You may not spend a lot of time thinking about your trash cans and how they can be improved, but Alissa Kubera, product manager of home waste at Rubbermaid, does. And she took some time out to describe the key features that make the new 32 Gal Non-Wheeled Roughneck Trash Can a true problem solver.

Through product research, Kubera discovered one aspect of owning a trash can that gives everyone a hard time. “Consumers get very frustrated when they lose their lids.” How true! Whether the trash collector doesn’t care and throws it down on the neighbor’s lawn, only to have the wind blow it down the street, or a stormy day blows it away altogether, a can without a lid isn’t very effective. That’s why Rubbermaid has added a lid tether to this new can. Inspired by customers’ own creative solutions to keep the lid attached to the can, Rubbermaid has added small holes on the inside of the handles and on the lid, so consumers have the option to use their own twine, zip ties, or even shoelaces to connect the lid to the base. Never lose your lid again!

Another trash can challenge is something Kubera calls bag collapse. “It’s when you throw something in the trash and the bag falls down.” Not only is it annoying, but reaching into the can to pull the bag back up is also pretty unpleasant. The Roughneck Trash Can has a small grip point inside the handle aptly named the bag cinch. Simply slide the excess bag into the slot to hold it in place until it’s full. Kubera also uses this feature to attach an extra garbage bag on the outside of the can when she’s doing her yard work on the weekends. “When I’ve filled up the first bag and I’m at the far end of the yard, I’ve got another one ready to go.”

Rubbermaid has also improved the drag rating of the new can. Due to enhancements in the geometry of the base, you can now drag the can to the curb, in total, for twice as far, thus extending the life of your can considerably.

And the final augmentation Rubbermaid made was to refresh the design of the can to make it more aesthetically pleasing. “It’s pretty slick looking for a trash can,” says Kubera.

The Right Trash Can For You
Having a trash can that fits your lifestyle and your refuse situation is the key to making garbage day seamless. Kubera weighs in on how to pick the perfect can.

SCENARIO: A long driveway and a significant amount of trash.

SOLUTION: Choose a large can that is on wheels, so it can easily be moved a fair distance, such as the 45 Gal Wheeled Trash Can. 

SCENARIO: You’ve just added trash duty to your 8-year-old son’s chore list

SOLUTION: Try a can that is on the smaller size, so your child won’t struggle with it, and make sure it has wheels so he can doesn’t have to lift and carry it if the garbage is particularly heavy. Consider the 32 Gal Wheeled Trash Can. 

SCENARIO: A relatively short trip to the curb or a can that sits stationary in one location.

SOLUTION: A non-wheeled can should be sufficient, such as the 32 Gal Non-Wheeled Trash Can. 

SCENARIO: Raccoons and other critters like to dine on your leftovers and make quite the mess.

SOLUTION: The 32 Gal Animal Stopper™ Trash Can includes additional latches to help prevent unwanted animals from getting the lid off. (Watch this amazing video of raccoons making short work of a competitor’s can and then meeting their match with Rubbermaid’s Animal Stopper.)


SCENARIO: There are regulations set by your trash collection agency regarding the size of can they will lift.

SOLUTION: If the can-size limit is smaller than the amount of trash you produce, you may need more than one can to get the job done.


SCENARIO: You live in a northern climate where the temperature reaches freezing or below.

SOLUTION: Choose one of the heavy duty cans that will stand up better to extreme weather, such as the 32 Gal Heavy Duty Non-Wheeled Can.