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Rubbermaid® Chills Fuel Costs on Summer Travel
HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (June 23, 2008) ? Fifty-nine percent of Americans who are currently planning a trip in their car, truck or SUV this summer are not changing their travel plans (1) even though gas prices are expected to reach $5 per gallon by the end of the summer. With longer vacations increasing in popularity (2) in recent years, one simple and effective way to save money on vacation road trips is to prepare food in advance and store it in a multi-day cooler. This allows travelers to put their vacation budgets to use on memorable family activities including visiting amusement parks, hiking in national parks and going to Major League Baseball games rather than spending more money than necessary on meals and snacks while on the road.

The new Rubbermaid 75-quart DuraChill? Ice Chest demonstrates how the brand is addressing consumer concerns regarding ways to save money and reduce food waste.

"Consumers want coolers that keep items colder longer and are easy to move, so we incorporated multiple features into the 75-quart DuraChill Ice Chest including its ability to keep food cold for up to six days," said Gino Biondi, vice president of marketing for Rubbermaid. "Its consumer-friendly design ensures that regardless of the activity, food and beverages will always be accessible and cold."

While planning meals and snacks in advance and packing them in a cooler can help travelers save money on vacation, properly packing the cooler will ensure food lasts even longer. Rubbermaid suggests the following tips for properly packing a road trip cooler.
  • Use a cooler that will keep the contents cold for at least days like the Rubbermaid 75-Quart DuraChill Ice Chest.
  • Line beverages around the outer edges of the cooler. Since cold air sinks, beverages will stay cold and are easily accessible since they are on the edges.
  • Fill a layer of ice in the center created by the beverages.
  • Place bagged items on top of the ice and repeat layering process.

The proper use of a multi-day cooler not only allows vacation budgets to be spent on travel resources like gas and on family activities, but it also eliminates lost time spent frequently repacking a cooler. 

About Rubbermaid 75-quart Durachill Ice Chest
The Rubbermaid DuraChill Ice Chest is the only mobile 75-quart cooler with the capacity to hold and keep cold 130 12-ounce cans for five or six days at 90 degrees, depending on model. The durable, rugged wheels and extended tow handle with ergonomic grip allow consumers to transport a fully loaded DuraChill Ice Chest over the most difficult surfaces. The odor- and stain-resistant DuraChill Ice Chest also features a split lid with six cup holders and a side swing handle with comfort grip.

The Rubbermaid DuraChill Ice Chest, which is blue with a white lid, is available with a 5-day performance claim and 6-day performance claim in prices ranging from $42.99 to $44.99. The 5-day DuraChill Ice Chest can be purchased at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Sears and The Home Depot, and the 6-Day DuraChill Ice Chest at Sam's Club.

1 Travelhorizons? survey by the Travel Industry Association (TIA) and Ypartnership, 2008
2 GfK Roper Reports survey, 2007
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