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Seasoned travelers: During the holidays, getting there safely with all your baked treats is the icing on the cake

Easy Find Lids Food Storage System

Searching for lids can be a stressful chore when you?re trying to pack a lunch in the morning or get leftovers into the fridge before starting homework or housework. Rubbermaid?s Easy Find Lid food storage series is the perfect solution. The lids stack together, or snap onto container bases, so you?ll never lose one. Plus each lid matches multiple container base sizes. The containers also nest together to save space in your cupboard.

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Take it away
Containers that will have you saying: "Make mine a la mode!"

The festive season could also be known as the “feasting” season, given all the big dinners, cocktail parties, casual brunches, and office or classroom cookie exchanges we have to tantalize our taste buds. With all that food on the move, convenient and dependable food-storage solutions are key. After all: crushed cakes or soggy salads do not a feast make. Read on for easy ways to make your delicious deliveries.

Protect cakes with a Rubbermaid Cake Keeper. Its domed cover protects the icing on the top and sides of the cake. Line the bottom with a paper doily, and it’s festive enough to serve your creations as-is – no need to transfer to a cake dish.

Carry different types of cookies in separate food storage containers, so your double-chocolate macadamia clusters don’t rub brown crumbs onto your snowy white sugar cookies, and so strong scents like amaretto or cinnamon don’t flavor everything in the container.

A cookie exchange calls for TakeAlongs containers, not wasteful wrap or bags. TakeAlongs are sturdy containers that will keep cookies from being crushed, and they are value priced so you won’t mind giving them away. Before filling each with treats, get your kids to decorate the container exteriors with colorful Sharpie markers or stickers.

At a holiday buffet or potluck, maximize table space and improve accessibility to garnishes and seasonings by presenting them on a turntable.

Also for potlucks, remember to keep sauces and foods separate to prevent sogginess or a messy presentation. Keep salads from wilting by transporting washed and dried salad greens in a Premier food storage container, with dressing in a separate Lock-Its container. And bring veggies or chips in a chip and dip tray, storing salsa or dip separately in a Lock-Its container. Toss the salad and dressing, or pour the dip into the chip n’ dip only once you’re reached your destination.