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Selecting the right cooler is the first step in being cool
Chilling out with the cooler crowd
Great tips for choosing and packing a cooler

Selecting the right cooler for your trip:

  • Multi-day coolers (5 or 6 days) are great for activities such as camping, hiking, fishing or road trips when travelers are gone for several days
  • High-capacity coolers that can accomodate a large number of beverage cans and food items also are ideal for multi-day trips
  • Wheeled coolers with handles make traveling with food and beverages easy when transporting to the car or boat on leisure trips
  • The split-lid convenience on coolers is ideal for a day at the beach or picnics
    • Items can be easily accessed
    • Travelers can pack the cooler based on priority of food
    • Cold air won’t escape as quickly when only one side is opened
    • One half of the cooler can be used as an extra seat while the people can still access the contents through the other half

Before packing the cooler:

  • Buy reusable, gel ice packs (Rubbermaid Blue Ice®) since they can be wrapped around food or used as a wall of ice
  • Chill all of the items that will be placed into the cooler. If the cooler only has to maintain the cold temperature, it won’t need as much cooling power (ice) as it would if the items were room temperature
  • Wash fruits and vegetables and pack in air-tight bags or plastic containers (Rubbermaid Premier™, TakeAlongs, or Easy-Find Lids™) to prevent cross contamination
  • Don’t pack glass items. If you need mayonnaise or relish, scoop some out and place portions in a plastic container

Packing the cooler:

  • Line beverages in a ring around the outer edges of the cooler. Since cold air sinks, beverages will stay cold and are easyily accessible since they are on the edges
  • Fill a layer of ice in the center of the ring created by cans
  • Place bagged items on top of the ice and repeat layering process

After the trip:

  • Wash the interior of the cooler with warm, soapy water
  • Mix equal parts of water and white vinegar and spray inside the cooler to sanitize it
  • Once washed and sanitized, leave the lid on the cooler open to air dry. If the cooler is closed while the interior is still damp, there will be an odor