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Ice Age: Rubbermaid Blue Ice keeps everything cool as a cucumber.
Camp cuisine
Eat well without a kitchen in sight

Going on a camping trip doesn’t mean you have to rely on flavorless, instant-food packets or beef jerky for days on end. With the right equipment and proper planning, you can prepare and enjoy tasty meals in the perfect alfresco setting. Here’s how:

The Essential Equipment

Rubbermaid DuraChill 5-Day or 6-Day Wheeled Cooler: By keeping the interior icy cold for several days at a time, DuraChill Coolers make it possible for you to tote fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy into the wilderness.

  • Ice Packs: Rubbermaid Blue Ice packs and flexible ice blankets keep your cooler icy cold and help protect food from spoilage.
  • Food storage containers: Separate meat products using leak-proof food-storage containers, and store them at the very bottom of the cooler for safety. Other ingredients can also be stored in separate containers like TakeAlongs.
  • Rubbermaid storage bins: Carry non-perishables with ease.
  • Camp stove and cooking gear

Planning Tips
The easiest way to make sure you have what you need on hand is to plan a menu, breaking it into meals and snacks, and listing all ingredients. While this approach is less than spontaneous, it will ensure you pack enough and aren’t caught up short on your last couple days. Conversely, you also won’t be lugging extra food that you will end up throwing out. You can still improvise along the way, adding a fried fish side dish to pasta if a day on the lake is successful, or throwing wild blueberries into your pancake mix.

When plotting a menu, note the required ingredients and portion the amounts required into food storage containers. For items like pancake batter, which you may be using for more than one meal, combine servings to save space.

Even when using a reliable cooler, plan meals using fresh meat early in your trip, and move on to less-perishable items (smoked meat, hot dogs, tofu dogs) as the week progresses.

To keep fruits and veggies fresher longer, stash them in the cooler in TakeAlongs Twist & Seal containers. Fresh salads and fruit snacks should play a big role in your menu, as they are not only nutritious but also high in water content. And staying hydrated is key on an active outdoor trip.

Finally, be sure to carry your trash (you can minimize the amount by stashing all ingredients in food storage containers) with you until you find a proper garbage facility.