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Making the Most of Your Lunchtime
Use your lunchtime wisely to get things done!

Making the Most of Your Lunchtime

Let’s face it. In today’s world there is little to no allowance for “me” time, let alone lunch. A strategically planned lunch hour gives you time to eat, eliminate some of those items on your “To Do List”, and provides personal time to do activities you love!

The first step toward making the most of your lunch hour is to take a few minutes the night before to pack your lunch. Running out to a restaurant can take up to an hour, and often more, out of your lunch break. Having a perfectly packed lunch can save you valuable time. Rubbermaid LunchBlox™ makes packing lunch a breeze with its reusable containers that fit most food commonly taken for lunch. Plus, the containers stack compactly and snap together to fit into whatever lunch bag you decide to use!

Make your lunch hour count!

Look at your “To Do List” and your time to see how productive you can make your lunchtime:

  • Running personal errands is the perfect way to use your lunch hour as it gives you more time to spend with your family in the evening. Simply grab your LunchBlox™ containers and take them with you to eat as you run to the bank, do some quick shopping, pick up groceries, or whatever else is on your “To Do List”. The LunchBlox™ secure lid seal keeps any liquids from spilling, and the Blue Ice Chill Packs work with the system (snaps to containers) to keep lunches cool while you move on with your productive lunchtime!
  • Exercise! If your office building does not have its own gym, take a brisk walk around the block or even do some non-disruptive exercises in your office (within reason) to help prevent lethargy later in the day. Exercise increases the blood and oxygen flow throughout your body, making you more alert and more productive the remainder of your day.
  • Relax! Work on some of your favorite hobbies, like reading, listening to music, crafting or learning a new language – all good productive uses of your time. Stress distracts you from the task at hand, slows you down and uses up your energy. Take advantage of your lunchtime to release all that tension.

Your lunch hour is precious time when you get a break from the working day, a chance to take an hour (or whatever it may be) to spend as you wish. Confident in your lunchtime allowance and energized by your healthy choices, you can make the most of it! If you are able to take several shorter breaks during the day rather than one lunch break, that helps keep lunchtime less routine, too. Your life-work balance is delicate, but essential, so monitor it with diligence and care.