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Multitasking Made Healthy: Add hydration to your schedule with a Rubbermaid water bottle.
Water works hard
Staying hydrated during your workday pays off

The gym isn’t the only place where proper hydration can lead to peak performance. Your workplace is another. On-the-job alertness, energy and mood can all benefit from staying healthy and consuming water.

Additionally, with many of us concerned about our waist size, the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) notes that consuming water instead of sugary beverages can help you reach and maintain a healthy body weight. Trade in pop, sweetened ice tea, energy drinks and high-fat iced coffee beverages for water at your desk.

The CDC suggests keeping a water bottle in plain sight so you’ll be more apt to drink from it. Consider having one handy on your desk and taking it with you to meetings to reduce your reliance on wasteful disposable bottles of water. Take your personal Rubbermaid water bottle with you for your trip home each day, or keep a separate “commuter bottle” in your bag or briefcase.

Just as there’s a right person for every job, there’s a right Rubbermaid personal water bottle for every employee. All are leak-proof, fit into most vehicle cup holders, and are top-rack dishwasher safe, but there are differences. Need help choosing the right one for you?

Do you spend your day at a desk?
Consider a 20-ounce bottle, so you can get away from your desk to refill it more often, using the opportunity to stretch your legs and network with coworkers. A 24-ounce bottle may be a better choice if your work is more stationary.

Is there a physical component to your job?
Opt for a large, 32-ounce size so you can drink more as you sweat.

How do you drink your water?
Everyone has a preferred drinking style, and Rubbermaid bottles have tops with Chug, Sip and Squirt-Top lids so you can pick what’s most comfortable for you.

What’s your favorite color?
Rubbermaid’s new bottle colors make personal water bottles as stylish as they are sensible. Kiwi for the billing department? Spa blue for management? Decide for yourself and see if you can start a healthy new company-wide trend.