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Lemonade To Go
The Victory™ Jug is better than a pitcher for keeping beverages cold, and easy for kids to use.

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Outdoors Solutions
Lemonade To Go
The right supplies are all kids need to earn cash, learn about business and have some fun.

It doesn’t take much to set up a lemonade stand—just some refreshing drinks and someplace to serve them. A large, wheeled cooler makes a perfect self-contained, go-anywhere stand. Kids can dole out drinks on top—be sure to have plenty of paper cups, napkins and colorful straws—and stash extra supplies inside. Keep fresh lemon wedges (a grownup should do the slicing, of course) on hand in a small plastic container. It’s just one of the nice touches that keep customers coming back for more. For an even more successful operation, young entrepreneurs might take a cue or two from the big business world.

Try these six simple secrets for success:

  • Find a prime spot in the shade with lots of thirsty passersby. If your front yard isn’t ideal, seek out a larger crowd near a T-ball game or neighborhood garage sale, for example.
  • If location is the first rule, a good sign is a close second. It should be big and bright. Kids can craft a homemade sign with paint and paper or download a pre-made one, at right.
  • Create curb appeal to draw customers. Tying colorful balloons to the stand, playing music (though not too loud) and blowing bubbles are great ways to get people’s attention.
  • Price it right. Anywhere from 25 cents to $1 is common, but fierce competition may warrant a price cut.
  • Pick a cause. Encourage kids to choose a charity that appeals to them and donate a portion or all of their earnings—the reward will be just as great. Make sure to tell customers where their money is going.
  • Kids can increase their profits by selling other refreshments, too. Cookies, popcorn or marshmallow-cereal bars go great with lemonade and are sure to entice buyers.




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