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Keys to the closet
Our guest pro-organizer’s tips for the seasonal switch-out

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Closet Solutions
Keys to the closet
Our guest pro-organizer’s tips for the seasonal switch-out

If your clothes closets are currently spilling their contents, chances are you haven’t done your seasonal switch-out. Erratic weather that spans two seasons always makes it more difficult—cold one day, warm the next—but by now you should be moving your summer wear out of the way for the coming months. What’s the best technique? Rubbermaid caught up with professional organizer Lorie Marrero to share her tips for a quick-and-easy seasonal closet switch-out.

At the end of the spring/summer seasons Marrero feels its best to sort through your wardrobe and be very discriminatory. Ruthless, even. What did you wear and what didn’t you wear? If you haven’t worn an item all season, it’s time to say goodbye: it should either be tossed or given away to friends, or better yet, to charity. Also, now is the perfect opportunity to repair things that need mending, if these items are out of the regular rotation.

Marrero’s rule of thumb is “if you can’t see it, you don’t know it’s there.” Now that you’ve narrowed down your fall/winter wardrobe, visibility is the key. Placement and organization should reign supreme in your clothes closet. Sort through the types of clothing and keep all the categories together; blouses, sweaters, pants, etc… The object is to make your closet work for you and simplifying your outfit choices everyday.

Next step is determining the usage rating for your clothing and accessories. Formal wear should be tucked away to where its accessible but not taking valuable daily space. Sweaters, jackets, pants (your dailies), should be in easy-to-reach places that you can see—Marrero’s a stickler for visibility. Seasonal accessories like hats, scarves, mittens and undergarments now play a large role in dressing for the elements and should be treated accordingly. The key is making everyday choices easy and apparent; you shouldn’t have to search to find that scarf that goes perfectly with those boots. Your ally here is a Rubbermaid HomeFree series™ Closet system, which is readily customizable, so you can reconfigure your closet and tailor it to your seasonal needs (just in time for the big season switch-out).

Winter can be a messy time, but your closet shouldn’t feel its wrath. Rubber mats are a perfect and inexpensive way to keep the floor clean and dry. Also, weather proofing your clothing is a great way to look good and forego salt and water stains on leather goods especially. Shoes shelves, an accessory of the HomeFree series™, are angled for clear display and easy access and help to keep dirt off your closet floors.