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The Height of Recycling
Flip your lid: Flip Doors provide easy access while keeping recyclables out of sight.

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The Height of Recycling
It really pays off when recycling stacks up.

While everyone agrees that recycling is the right thing to do, it can be a challenge at times. From flimsy recycling bins to roughhousing garbage collectors, and from messes to odor, everyone’s got a complaint or two about managing their recycling. Fortunately, Rubbermaid’s Stackable Recyclers offer the perfect solution to managing your household’s recycling “depot.”

We spoke with Rubbermaid’s Indoor Waste Manager Megan Murphy, to find out more about what makes this product a must-have in every home or garage.

“First of all, they have the ability to stack, which will save you space and allow you to separate your recyclables in one easy place,” says Murphy. There are three sizes to choose from depending on what you recycle and how much. You could use the small for paper, medium for glass and large for plastic and easily stack them while taking up the floor space of one unit. Unlike stacking regular bins, however, she adds that, “I like that you can still access the bins at the bottom,” via their flip doors.

“Some recycling bins have broken very easily, not when I used them, but when the trash collector threw the empty bin back on the street,” notes Murphy.

Rubbermaid addresses this common complaint by making the Stackable Recyclers less brittle than traditional bins. “It’s made from a more forgiving, durable material that won’t break,” she says. "Easy-grip handles make toting a breeze. What's more, the hood snaps to the base so if you are transporting the recycables to a recycling facility on your own, the lid will not fly off and the recycables will be contained."

Flip doors allow you to easily add recyclables to each unit, while at the same time providing cover so that you don’t have to look at a mess of cans and bottles. They will also help reduce odor. "Finally," adds Murphy, “each container comes with a label. Simply use a Sharpie to identify which bin stores which recyclable,” to make sorting even easier for everyone in your household. See the full lineup of Rubbermaid Recycling Bins here.

You can cut the amount of waste your home produces by vigilantly recycling. Here are more solutions for managing your recycling.

Hidden Recycler - Attaches onto a kitchen cabinet door to keep recyclables out of sight.

2-in-1 Recycler - Sort your trash and recycables with this divided container.