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Kids' Stuff
UNDERCOVER WORK: There’s no room for monsters under the bed, but plenty for off-season clothes and toys.

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Kids Organization Solutions
Kids' Stuff
Back-to-school means going back to basics for organization

Back-to-school prep is about more than just shopping for clothes and locker accessories. Take time now to install organizing and storage solutions that will help your kids get on track and stay that way during busy mornings and evenings throughout the school year. Here are some ways to ensure your child will be able to find what they need, when they need it.

Back-to-school clothes are often amassed over the course of summer and early fall. Organize your child’s closet so she can quickly skim through her wardrobe, with current warm weather pieces front and center, and future fall/winter gear hung further in or tucked away on upper rods or shelves. Hanging new cold weather clothes as you buy them, instead of storing them in bins until later in the season, helps you keep track of what your child has and what still needs to be purchased.

Use a closet kit such as the Homefree Closet Kit to maximize hanging space. The Homefree Closet Kit is great because accessories can be easily be added to adjust the closet as your child grows and closet needs change. 

Once the school year is underway, move out-of-season summer clothes into under-bed storage containers so they don’t create unnecessary closet clutter. Add a hook to the closet door so your child can hang her school outfit the night before, therefore reducing wardrobe decisions in the morning.

Help your school-age kids keep clutter at bay so they can concentrate on reading, studying, crafts and playtime. Keep the emphasis on creativity by storing school-project essentials in storage bins, so no time is wasted searching for misplaced art supplies. The perfect bin is actually larger than you may think. A shoebox size container lets your child stash all his art supplies (scissors, pens, pencils, crayons, markers, pencil crayons, glue, glitter, stencils and so on) in one place instead of fussing with many smaller pencil cases and mini boxes. Try a clear container for easy identification. In fact, use this handy size for everything from CDs and games to collections of all sorts, including rocks, bottle caps, sports cards and more.

Help kids keep track of items that have to go back to school during the week by positioning a “back-to-school bin” close to their bedroom door. A 19 Quart Clever Store Storage Box has room enough for textbooks, library books, sports jerseys and anything else that he won’t want to forget. Make space on a wall to hang a whiteboard, or paint out a memo area using chalkboard paint, where he can make “don’t forget” notes to himself.