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Turn the Tables on Susan
A round of drinks: Quench your guests’ thirst in a cool way (above), or put a new spin your favorite board game

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Kitchen Solutions
Turn the Tables on Susan
Nine surprising uses for a Lazy Susan

A Lazy Susan is one of those old-fashioned kitchen helpers that today’s homeowners often overlook. Which is a shame, because they’re a great aid for active households. Here are 10 ways they can make themselves useful in your home.

Placed in a cupboard, a Lazy Susan turntable makes hard-to-reach items at the back of the cupboard a snap to grab, thus improving storage (still very smart, by the way!).

Kitchen-table condiment manager: Keep commonly used sauces, seasonings and condiments handy and accessible to all, by placing them on a Lazy Susan.

Beverage server: Serve beverages on a Lazy Susan so guests can quickly scan what’s on offer and help themselves.

Craft cart: Put one on the kids’ playroom table so crayons, chalk, glue and other art supplies are readily reachable.

Cheese board: Put your cheeses, knives and preserves on a Lazy Susan . It’s especially appropriate on a picnic table when your usual hardwood or marble cheese tray is too heavy to tote.

Game aid: Set a board game on it so it’s easier to see what your Scrabble options are, or what the lay of the Candyland is, without risking moving the pieces when you shift the board.

Snack attack: Set healthy snacks on it so kids don’t even notice they’re munching on healthy treats, not junk food. The fun’s in the table-turning, after all!

Spa station: Having a girls’ spa night? Put mani-pedi supplies on the Lazy Susan so essentials are close at hand (and foot).

Decorating dispenser: Cut the mess from cupcake, cookie and Easter-egg-decorating. Put icing tubes, bowls of sprinkles or bowls of egg-dye onto the Lazy Susan, and decorators are less likely to spill these mess-makers while working.

Child safety – and learning – aid: Parents of small kids are conscious of the need to move cleaning agents into hard to access places. A high cabinet is one location, though reaching all the way to the back for less-frequently used items can be a problem for shorter adults. A Lazy Susan makes for less reaching in those hard-to-see places. (Add another Lazy Susan to your under-the-sink cabinet and put clean rags, wooden spoons, measuring cups and any other authentic, grown-up kitchen items your child is allowed to play with.)