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Addressing garbage matters: More and more people are using Rubbermaid bins; be sure to label yours for easy identification.
Ten Tips for Trash
Let's trash talk. Dealing with garbage is a daily activity that no one relishes. Yet, taking steps to handle your garbage more efficiently and conveniently will make this task one you can dispense with, with ease. Here's how.

Use name-brand garbage bags.
They may cost more than discount brands, but they are less likely to break or leak. Store extra garbage bin liners in the bottom of every trashcan. It’s more convenient than trekking off in search of bags every time to take out the trash.

Kill odor.
A spritz of a natural pet-odor deodorant can tackle bad smells without adding chemicals to your indoor air. A sprinkle of baking soda on top of kitchen scraps can also help. Rubbermaid has a natural, fast approach to restore fresh air with the launch of Odor Away™, a new, environmentally friendly way of eliminating unwanted smells around the home.

Divert food waste.
One way to minimize the volume (and odor) of your kitchen garbage is to compost your organic waste. A DIY compost pile can manage fruit and vegetable waste, but the newest store-bought composting units can tackle meat and dairy, too. Your call, but either way, you’ll net yourself a tidier kitchen garbage can, as well as nutrient-rich compost for your flowerbeds!

Clean all garbage cans once per month.
Use any all-purpose cleanser; no need for an anti-bacterial formula. This pro-active measure will help reduce or even eliminate odor.

Deal with leaks and spills fast.
Clean your kitchen or bathroom garbage can if there’s a spill. It will be a lot easier now, and less unpleasant, than when bacteria or mold set in.

Use wheeled garbage bins.
If you’re still lugging an old-fashioned can, trade it for a wheeled model that almost anyone in the family can handle.

Label your garbage cans.
Use a thick Sharpie, or paint, to mark your address on your garbage and recycling bins (don’t forget to label lids, as well!), so you can identify them easily if they get left down the street on trash day.

Cut your paper waste at the source.
Opt out of junk mail. Click on this site,, for tips on avoiding unwanted mail solicitation.

Recycle your cans and bottles.
If your community has curbside recycling, be vigilant about sorting your recyclables and putting them out. If it doesn’t, lobby your local government to implement one. In the meantime, you can bring your recyclables to a drop-off center, or take bottles back for refunds.