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Starting lineup: Have all the right players on hand for a game-day party.

Easy Find Lids Food Storage System

Searching for lids can be a stressful chore when you?re trying to pack a lunch in the morning or get leftovers into the fridge before starting homework or housework. Rubbermaid?s Easy Find Lid food storage series is the perfect solution. The lids stack together, or snap onto container bases, so you?ll never lose one. Plus each lid matches multiple container base sizes. The containers also nest together to save space in your cupboard.

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Food Storage
The Superb Bowl Party
It's game day. Are you ready for some football fans?

If it’s January, it’s time to watch some serious football on TV. Between the college and pro games, there’s enough televised excitement in the coming weeks to merit a number of parties. These should be the least fussy parties you’ll host or attend all year – the game is the main attraction. In any event, a truly stellar game-day party consists of three primary elements: great company, comfortable seating by the TV, and plenty of food and refreshments. If you’re heading out to a party, you’ll want to travel with the right supplies. But whether you’re playing home or away, the MVP is always the disposable container: it’s perfect for traveling, essential for leftovers, and keeps the game-day party from getting too fancy. Here are some other touchdown tips.

Assemble your team
If you’re the host, consider limiting your guests to good friends only (as opposed to the wider social net you might cast for a cocktail party), so that you can enjoy yourself rather than be distracted by hosting duties. As an added bonus, close friends will be more likely to offer to help you out by bringing some refreshments. If you’re invited to someone else’s party, never arrive empty handed: be sure to bring something along, whether it’s a case of soda, or a TakeAlongs Large Round Bowl of your homemade snack mix.

Make every seat feel like the 50-yard line
Whether your guests are most enthralled by half-time shows, blockbuster commercials, or the actual games themselves, a good view of the screen is key. (Another argument in favor of the smaller guest list.) Ensure your guests’ comfort with cushions, a comfortable room temperature, and ottomans they can rest their feet on. Keep the view of the TV unobstructed by laying your buffet out on a sofa table or buffet behind the couch, not on the coffee table itself. Sure it makes your guests move, but keeping things circulating is just what they’ll need during a lengthy broadcast.

Serve what your guests love
A good game-day party calls for familiar favorites that are easy to prepare and easy to clean up. Consider these dishes all-stars for any party menu, whether you’re the host, or planning to prepare something for a potluck.

  • Chili: Prepare it the day before, and then reheat it on game day. Shred Jack cheese into a Rubbermaid Premier Food Storage Container, and then set it out alongside. Just pop the leftover cheese back in the fridge so nothing’s wasted.

  • Submarine sandwiches: TakeAlongs Divided Rectangle containers can hold two different types of cold cut per container, so set those out with salami, ham, chicken breast, smoked turkey, bologna, pastrami and any other sliced meats, cheeses and fixings you want on your submarine assembly line. The large TakeAlongs Serving Bowl can hold a selection of buns.

  • Chips & Dip: A Chip & Dip Tray has room for three different types of chips, plus a spot for dip or salsa in the middle.

  • Wings: Chip & Dip Trays are also a great way to serve chicken wings and sauce.

The best part about this menu is that all the dishes make delicious leftovers. Serving them in Rubbermaid food containers cuts the effort involved in serving, storing and finally re-serving