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Use Bento Trays to contain stray items to one space and reduce clutter
Love Your Space RIGHT NOW
Is your space missing some love? Check out these 10 easy projects to start loving your space again.

With full, busy lives of friends, family and work, sometimes living spaces start to look a little drab and neglected; a little clutter-filled and forgotten. This uninspired attitude of our rooms can lead to stress and a feeling of being overwhelmed. To prevent this and spruce up our rooms, Rubbermaid has 10 quick, easy projects to brighten up any room. Do all ten or just choose one to make a big difference.

  1. Throw away old magazines, junk mail and other paper clutter.
    Clean surfaces lead to clean minds. Take a few minutes to throw away magazines and paper clutter that is piling up in your rooms. Then breathe a sigh of relief as stress rolls away!
  2. Make your bed
    Did you know making your bed is a gateway chore? Do this one simple act (even if it is just throwing the covers over the bed) and it can start to build a habit of cleaning (like wiping down your bathroom counters, vacuuming and more).
  3. Create a home for clutter
    Are there a couple of items that never seem to be put away? (Yes! Kid’s toys do count!) Make it easy on yourself to contain these items. Get a beautiful bin (like the Rubbermaid Bento collection) with a lid for each clutter item. At night, put these clutter items in their homes before bed to have a clean start each morning!
  4. Rearrange your furniture
    Need a new perspective? Turn your couch in another direction or move your dresser. Simple changes like these can make a room seem new and more inviting!
  5. Wipe down your counters (in the kitchen and bathrooms!)
    Take 5 minutes and quickly wipe down flat surfaces. Don’t bother to move items, wipe around them to give a new fresh feeling (deep cleaning can happen later).
  6. Print pictures and put them in frames or display them elsewhere in your home
    Add some reminders of what you love in your space – like a great trip or your best girlfriend. It’ll brighten your day every time you see the photo!
  7. Vacuum or Mop
    We are not talking hands and knees scrubbing here. Just quickly go over some areas in your home to leave a great sense of cleanliness. (Psst: The Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop can help with this.)
  8. Light some candles or spray some air freshener
    Basically, make your space smell fresh and wonderful! Doing so will trigger happy thoughts.
  9. Clear clutter from your fridge!
    Take down those invitations that have passed. Switch out your child's drawings with new ones. Give yourself an organized area with new inspiration to see every time you open the door for milk.
  10. Buy new throw pillows or curtains
    Go ahead – buy that new trend color you love but are not sure you can live with forever in a few cheap pillows or curtains. It’ll give your space a new look without being as expensive as a complete makeover.