Why FreshWorks


Keeping your produce fresh
as the day it was picked can
be challenging. FreshWorks FreshVent technology keeps your produce fresh
up to 80% longer.


Americans waste 23 billion
pounds of fresh produce each
year because it spoils before we
can eat it. That’s 187 pounds
per household. Our unique
design creates the optimal
environment to keep
produce fresh.

Source: USDA 2014


Americans throw away
$24 billion worth of produce
each year. That’s $192 per
household that could be saved
every year by using FreshWorks.

Source: USDA 2014



2.5 cups

Ideal for small


6.3 cups

Perfect for


17.3 cups

Optimal for
leafy greens

Storage Practices

Do not wash or cut
produce before placing into
FreshWorks container.

FreshVent membrane
never needs to be
removed or replaced.

Condensation inside
means the product
is working.

All components of the
FreshWorks container
are dishwasher safe.

FreshWorks containers
are BPA-free and made
with non-toxic plastics.

Watch the commercial

Watch Rubbermaid FreshWorks Commercial

How it works

Rubbermaid FreshWorks utilizes a revolutionary technology that creates
the optimal environment to keep your produce fresh up to 80% longer
than using traditional packaging.

  • FreshVent Lid contains revolutionary membrane
    that naturally regulates the flow of Oxygen and Carbon
    Dioxide to create the optimal environment so your
    produce stays farm fresh.

  • Produce container sized to optimally fit and keep
    produce fresher, longer.

  • CrispTray elevates produce away from moisture
    and promotes proper airflow to help prevent

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See the difference

Compare the level of spoilage inside a FreshWorks container versus original store bought packaging.