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A Kid-Friendly Closet
The Configurations™ Classic Closet Kit is easy to customize for youngsters—and it’s simple for grownups to assemble.

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Interactive Closet Design Tool

Are you looking for a way to make better use of the space in your closet? Well you've come to the right place.

With the Rubbermaid Interactive Closet Design tool you will...

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A Kid-Friendly Closet
Help children get the hang of getting dressed and staying organized by tailoring a closet to their needs

It’s a milestone when a child first learns to button her shirt or tie her shoes. And it’s not long before she’s choosing her own outfits (often in very colorful, mismatched combinations). Make picking out clothes—and putting them away—as easy as ABC by customizing a closet to suit their needs with low racks and rods that keep favorite clothes and accessories well within your child’s reach.

“A” is for Adjustable Parts
Do-it-yourself, expandable HomeFree series™ closet kits are ideal for kids rooms because they let you configure everything in an age-appropriate way, then rearrange the setup as your child grows. Extend the upright rails so you can take full advantage of the vertical space and hang components close to the ground.

“L” is for Low Hanging Rods
Bring clothing down to kid height. With a double-rod layout, you can place shirts on the higher rod and pants and skirts on the lower one; or put everyday clothes on the bottom with dressier items on top. For girls, be sure to leave room for long dresses. Inexpensive child-size hangers are best for helping small outfits keep their shape.

“O” is for Out-of-the-Way Storage
Reserve higher shelves for storing sleeping bags and extra blankets. Clearly labeled sweater boxes resting on a shelf can hold off-season clothes or hand-me downs your child has yet to grow into.

“S” is for a Splash of Color
Supplement practical storage pieces, such as canvas bins or a hamper, with splashes of color in the form of a striped rug or a cheerful framed picture.