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Feature Video: Organizing 101
Learn organization basics that can be applied to any organization project.
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The Four Pile Organization Principle

Four steps to getting any space organized

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Organizing your Closet

Tips on how-to organize your closet

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Weekend Organizing Projects

Three Projects. Three Weekends. No problem.

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Food Storage Organizing Tips

Fresh ideas for storing food

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Kids' Closet Organization Tips

Big ideas for small spaces

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Garage Organization Tips

Tips for getting—and keeping—your garage organized

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Pantry Organization Tips

Transform your pantry from “problem” to “perfection”

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Organizing 101

A beginner’s guide to getting your home organized

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Tips for Unpacking

Start off on the right foot in your new home

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Making Your Move

Packing for your big move just got easier

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Bento Containers featured on Lifetime's Designing Spaces

Rubbermaid's Bento collection is designed to organize items, rather than just store them.