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The Recycling Checklist
Use this checklist to manage your recycling whether its single, multi-stream or no curb side pickup!

The Recycling Checklist


If you live in a community that does not offer recycling pick-up, you can still recycle! Recycling facilities accept drop-offs. If you don't have recycling pickup, follow these steps:

  • Find your closest recycling facility
  • Find out what they will recycle
  • Determine how many sorting bins you need and how large the bins need to be based on your waste/consumption habits
  • The Stackable Recycler offers three bin sizes that can be stacked in your garage or outside. The bins are extra durable and the tops snap down on the bases securely so you can transport them to a recycling facility
  • Clearly label each bin with what material should be recycled so everyone in your household is aware
  • Create a drop-off schedule so you regularly take your filled bins to a recycling facility


If you live in a community where all of your recycling is put into one bin and is picked up for you then you probably have what's referred to as Single Stream Recycling. In this system, all paper, plastics, glass, metals, and other containers are mixed together in a collection truck, instead of being sorted into separate groupings. If you have Single Stream Recycling, follow these steps:

  • Get a list of what is recyclable from the service that picks up your waste
  • Find a space to store your recyclables before you take them out
  • If you don't have extra floor space to spare, check out the Hidden Recycler. This bin hangs on the inside of your lower cabinet so recyclables are stashed out of the way and hidden from sight. Then, when you are ready to bring them to the curb, simply remove the bin from its lid, grab the handle and carry it outside
  • If you have a designated space and want to stash Recyclables and other trash all together, check out the 2-in-1 Recycler. You can store trash and recyclables all in one location in this dual bin unit that uses the vertical space in your kitchen, but still is shorter than your countertop
  • Post a list of what is recyclable for your family so they will know whether to throw an item into the recycler or the trash can
  • Take your recycling out when the bin is filled


If you live in a community where your recycling is divided up according to material type, then you probably have what's referred to as Multi-Stream Recycling. In this system, materials are sorted by type: glass, plastic, paper, etc. and the bins are picked up by a collection truck that maintains the separation. If you have Multi-Stream Recycling, follow these steps:

  • Determine from your municipality what categories must be sorted
  • Find a space to store your various bins
  • If you have a space in your home and need to sort two types of materials, the 2-in-1 Recycler is for you. With two bins that are easy to carry, this item makes recycling easy
  • If you have multiple categories to recycle and would rather store them in a garage or outside, the Stackable Recyclers are the solution for you. Available in three sizes, you can select what size works for you for each material. These bins are durable and stack in any configuration you choose.
  • Clearly label each bin with what material should be recycled so everyone in your household is aware

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