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Outdoor Order
Clear clutter from your garage by storing lawn and garden equipment in the Slide Lid Shed.

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Outdoor Order
How to keep the outside of your home tidy this summer

As Spring turns into Summer, we need to access yard & garden tools in outdoor storage buildings more often. Here are some common outdoor clutter challenges and our suggested remedies:

Clutter challenge: Storing lawn maintenance equipment and supplies

Solution: Free up floor space in your garage with Rubbermaid's FastTrack Garage Organization System by hanging tools and supplies on the walls, utilizing your vertical space with hooks and shelving.

Create even more space in your garage by storing items outside in a Slide Lid Shed where you can park your lawnmower (even a ride-on mower), rakes and other equipment. Even better, your neighbors will never know you have a shed with this shed’s low-profile that fits under most fence heights.

Clutter challenge: No room for a potting shed

Solution: Store your green thumb supplies in a Small Storage Shed. The leak-resistant, maintenance-free unit can hold 53 cubic feet of garden essentials. It is lockable, is the perfect height for long handled tools, and is ideal for storing lawn and garden supplies including pots, bags of fertilizer and gas cans. Install your own shelving inside to customize your storage solution.

Clutter challenge: Where to keep tools safely stored

Solution: The same Small Storage Shed offers a convenient place to store those tools you use during ubiquitous summer DIY projects, when taking them back down to your basement or workroom is inconvenient. Lockable doors help ensure your valuable power tools are safe from theft – and safely inaccessible to children.

Clutter challenge: Keeping toys under control

Solution: Kids' toys have a way of taking over the yard. Keep them in check, but close to the action, with a Deck Box. Besides storing 12 cubic feet of gear, the unit provides extra seating to accommodate summer's extra visitors. The FastTrack® Garage Organization System is also ideal for storing children's outdoor toys – just by hanging them on the rails.

Clutter challenge: No place to store cushions in a storm

Solution: Cushions make outdoor furniture comfortable and more inviting. However, finding a place to store them during the colder months or when not in use can be a challenge. Make it easy to store these items by adding a Storage Cube or Bench to your outdoor space. These durable solutions have a rattan pattern to compliment your space and are sized perfectly to hold standard patio cushions.