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Fit Into Fall
It is important to stay hydrated in cool weather, too. For a fall hike, bring water in On-the-Go Bottles and trail mix or other snacks in TakeAlongs Twist & Seal containers.

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Refreshments on the Road Solutions
Fit Into Fall
Sure the mercury may be dipping, but if anything, that makes the open air even more inviting. Toss on some layers, go out and be active well into autumn.

Don’t let the falling leaves cause your energy level to drop. There are plenty of ways to carry the get-fit attitude of summer into autumn and continue to enjoy the great outdoors.

Here are 10 ideas for coaxing your family outside for some fall fun.

1. Take in the fall foliage up close. Pack a bag with bottles  of water and healthy treats—apples, energy bars or snack mix—and hike a nature trail. Help kids spot signs of the changing season and gather leaves for pressing later.

2. Visit a pick-it-yourself farm and harvest apples (see who can find the biggest and brightest ones), or choose the greatest pumpkin right out of the patch.

3. Get out in the garden. There’s still a lot of work to be done—planting bulbs, trimming bushes, mulching, and dividing and relocating plants. Let the kids rake leaves and jump in the piles before scooping the foliage into lawn bags.

4. Hit the beach (yes, the beach) to toss around a football or Frisbee, or fly a kite. Make sure to keep little athletes—and grownups, too—hydrated by bringing along water in Filter Fresh bottles 

5. Leave the car in the garage and bike with your kids to the playground. Take a turn on the swings and the monkey bars yourself.

6. Fall is a hot time for festivals in most areas (check the local paper or your community’s web site). Put on your walking shoes and spend the day sampling homespun food at a fair or browsing antiques at a flea market.

7. Soccer season is at its height. Don’t be a “bleacher potato”—instead, volunteer to help with warm-up exercises or drills. Bring refreshments for the whole team in a portable jug (buy one in a team color to show your spirit).

8. Go on an urban photography trek. Spend a morning exploring the streets and shooting city scenery.

9. Meet friends and extended family in the park for a game of Capture the Flag (so youngsters can participate, too), followed by a barbecue. Roll out a large cooler with room for enough food to feed the crowd.

10. Participate in a charity walkathon (go online for event schedules). Stay hydrated along the course with Filter Fresh bottles filled with sports drinks or water.