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Get Your Home Guest Ready

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Entertaining Solutions
Get Your Home Guest Ready
Create a clean, inviting space for hosting a party or get together whether you have 5 minutes or a few days.

Your friend just announced she was stopping by or you somehow agreed to host the next game night. Instead of being filled with excitement at the thought of spending time with friends, you are thinking of the mess that you must clean. Stop the panic – here is a check list of things to do, whether you have 5 minutes or more advanced warning of guests.

5 minute warning that your friend is stopping by
This is a situation for a quick clean. Forget making things perfect. Just create an inviting space by doing the following:

  • 2 minutes – Clear the clutter in common areas. If it belongs in the room, quickly put it away. If it belongs elsewhere in the house, simply drop it in the room where it goes and shut the door.
  • 1 minute - Wipe down the counters and toilet in the guest bathroom.
  • 1 minute – Wipe down the counters in the kitchen and put dirty dishes in the sink
  • 1 minute – Turn off the tv, put on some music and then take a deep breath

3 Day warning that guests are coming
You have some time to get things prepared and ready. Tackle it in short increments doing the following on specific days:

3 days before:

  • Clear the clutter in your common areas, taking the time to put items away in the rooms where they belong.
  • Wash the dishes.
  • Clean the guest bathroom.
  • Make a list of the food items you will need to grab at the grocery store.
  • Vacuum your house.

2 days before:

  • Run by the grocery store and pick up the items on your list.
  • Wipe down the kitchen counters.
  • Sweep and mop your kitchen with the Reveal Spray Mop.
  • Dust the common room areas.

Day of:

  • Set out the food.
  • Do the five minute routine above to straighten up.
  • Enjoy your guest!

Week warning that guest are coming
Whew – you have some time to prepare. Use this occasion as motivation for tackling some projects you have been putting off. Let’s count down the check list:

7 Days Before:

  • Choose 1-3 projects you want to complete but haven’t gotten around to doing. Maybe it’s three simple projects like organizing your bathroom vanity, taking coats to a donation center and organizing the junk drawer, or maybe it is one large project like painting the living room.
  • Start on the projects and go to the store if you need something like paint or organizing items.
  • Continue working on your projects for the next two days.

4 Days Before:

  • Do any last minute items for your projects. They should be wrapped up now.
  • Start clearing the clutter and putting things back where they belong throughout your home.

3 days before – Continue following the check list above to have your home sparkling clean, thoroughly organized and ready for you and your guests to enjoy!