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Shed your worries
Colder weather means your outside stuff needs a roof. Are you shed-ready?

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Outdoors Solutions
Shed your worries
Colder weather means your outside stuff needs a roof. Are you shed-ready?

For those who rely on an outdoor shed for storage, cold weather can be a concern, particularly if you have no garage. Whether your part of the country has already been hit with snow or never gets more than a modest frost, it’s high time to protect your belongings from the elements (as well as theft) with proper and secure storage.

Unless some thought goes into organization, you may be tempted to throw open the doors and randomly dump, throw or cram in as much as possible. Resist! Rubbermaid can help your outdoor shed stay organized through the winter months, when your equipment, tools and supplies need a dry and orderly home. Here are some tips for easily managing an effective system for your outdoor shed.

The right shed
If you have adequate outdoor space for one, it is a shed and not a garage that should be storing all types of outdoor gear. If you do have a garage, why not give it back to the car? Get your lawn and garden equipment out of there and closer to where it’s needed. Everything from lawn tractors and push mowers to long-handled tools, weed trimmers, bags of soil, potting supplies, fertilizer and weed killer can be stored in the right outdoor shed. Rubbermaid sheds, like the easy-to-install Roughneck X-Large Shed with 325 cubic feet capacity, is the ideal start.

Optimizing vertical space is essential. It’s all too easy to cover the floor of your shed with equipment—but in the process, you’re not taking advantage of the room your shed offers.

The more gear on the floor, the harder it is to locate things, let alone move around the shed with ease. Look up and think shelving. Roughneck Sheds not only provides parking space for the likes of riding mowers (most Rubbermaid sheds feature a convenient door ramp) but its unique wall anchor system—designed for double walls only—allows for easy installation of shelving and pegboard. Brackets slide into pre-formed holes in the shed walls, and shelving or pegboard can be attached to the brackets—making it simpler than ever to customize the interior organization of your shed (and change it with the seasons). Most other sheds on the market have only single wall construction, making this type of organization impossible. Take care not to overload your shelving with heavy objects. This can cause the walls to bend inward or cause other damage to the shed. (Rubbermaid recommends a maximum of 50 lbs total weight be attached per wall.)

Just fuming!
With the tractor parked, tools hung and smaller objects shelved, don’t forget that the nose always knows: remove anything from your garage that can create strong odors, noxious or simply unpleasant. Half-filled paint cans and gas cans often cause a garage to reek of gas and oil—not good, particularly if your garage is attached to your home. The solution: leave space in your outdoor shed, and transport this stuff to the upper shelves, so it’s out of reach and not creating fumes in your garage.

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