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Make an Entrance
HALL AND TOTES: The key to maximizing the efficiency of your entranceway for everyone in your family.

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Back to School Solutions
Make an Entrance
Back-to-school is the best time to prep your home’s busiest entranceway

When the back-to-school season rolls around, the main entrance of your home becomes a springboard in the morning and a landing pad in the evening. Flooded with school supplies, outerwear and extracurricular equipment, your high-volume entrance needs to be ready for the onslaught. It’s time to get organized with storage solutions that will help you and your kids come and go smoothly throughout the school year.

When choosing an organization system for the hallway, think of what it will hold, who is using it, and how their needs might change day-to-day. Rubbermaid’s Homefree Kits address all these issues, and are easy to install (with no cutting involved), making them a boon to busy families.

If you have little ones be sure to place a rod at child-height so they can put their own things away upon arrival, and access them easily upon departure. It’s a perfect spot to store jackets and coats in time for cooler weather. Bins can hold sporting equipment, lunch, bags, finished homework and permission slips or library books.

A high top shelf can hold totes for keeping grown-up items up and out of the way, as well as larger totes, shopping totes and other things the family doesn’t need close-at-hand.

To finish off the space, you may want to add a durable, dirt-disguising rug or even a low bench. It can provide a place to sit when pulling shoes on or off and a surface for resting school bags.

In addition to a temporary letter-holder box, you may want to set up an after-school “debriefing station” near the entryway. Label one box or tray for school notes or permission slips and another for homework that needs to be checked. A third might even hold kids’ artwork.

Installing a new system in the entranceway needn’t take long, and the practical effect for you is immeasurable. Having a smart customized system in your hall—one you’ve installed yourself, which can give you a real sense of pride—can improve your entrance’s functionality at the most critical time of the year.