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The Closet Switch-Out

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Interactive Closet Design Tool

Are you looking for a way to make better use of the space in your closet? Well you've come to the right place.

With the Rubbermaid Interactive Closet Design tool you will...

  • - Find the perfect product for your project
  • - Design a solution that meets your personal needs
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Closet Solutions
Sharing secrets
Rubbermaid insider divulges the best way to share a closet

Consider a well-designed kids’ closet to be a must-have in today’s busy household. By setting up closet organization systems that help your kids store their clothing, accessories, toys and sports gear more effectively, you can reduce the amount of time spent searching for items, or for space to put away daily essentials. Helping your kids keep themselves organized leads to fewer headaches for mom, too.

“Busy people want to simplify their lives and reduce stress,” says Betty Schmal, Rubbermaid’s Product Manager for Closets, who suggests using Rubbermaid’s HomeFree series™ closet organizing system. “With the HomeFree series, everything you need to increase your storage space is in one box. There’s only one rail to install. All the shelves and hang rods are adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about measuring wrong or changing your mind,” she says.

For siblings who share a bedroom, smart storage solutions are doubly essential when it comes to closet space. We asked Schmal how she would use Rubbermaid HomeFree series to divide one closet between two sisters. Here’s what she advised:

1. Build a common shelf stack in the center of the closet. Assign upper shelves to the older child, lower to the younger child. The lowest shelves can hold shoes.

2. Create hanging space on either side of the middle shelf stack, one for each sister. Double hanging rods maximize storage, although for those under age 5, triple rods are another option.

3. Use a top central shelf that runs across the entire closet to hold bins of out of season clothing, bins of clothes that haven’t been grown into yet, and activities that may need parental supervision.

The best part: HomeFree series can be easily rearranged as your children grow, or once your older child goes away to college and the younger one finally has the room all to herself!