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Making Camp
Your camping trip will be all smiles if you are prepared

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Outdoors Solutions
Making Camp
Behind every great outdoor trip is a great packing plan

Ever gone camping and found you had everything… except your tent poles? Or thought you could buy whatever you needed in town, and discovered “town” consisted of a feed store and gas station?

With camping season around the corner, it’s good to start planning for the outdoor escapades your family will be embarking upon over the next several months. And when the packing begins, Rubbermaid can definitely help.

Here are some must-haves for the All-American outdoor adventure. Be sure to organize your gear and check it’s functional and complete well before your departure date. After checking your gear, stow it in Rubbermaid storage bins to ensure accessible, space-saving transport to and from your car to campsite.

  • First Aid Kit: Small clear Rubbermaid containers are ideal for your First Aid kits; pack one for your vehicle and another to carry in your backpack
  • Sleeping bags: Made from extra durable material, Rubbermaid’s Roughneck Clears are ideal for packing larger items like sleeping bags
  • Extra clothing: Rubbermaid’s medium size clear containers are perfect for bringing along those light layers you can add on or peel off. A waterproof jacket and hat, as well as sunglasses are always useful, too
  • Trail maps and Compass or GPS: Whether your approach is old fashioned or cutting edge, make sure you have the navigational tools that will keep you on course
  • Flashlight and/or lanterns: Don’t forget to recharge or replace batteries before your trip
  • Pocketknife: An essential for first aid, cutting branches and fishing line, and other wilderness tasks
  • Matches and candles: Keep matches in a clear Rubbermaid container
  • Sunscreen and bug repellant
  • Camp stove and fuel
  • Tent(s): Make sure you have all pieces!

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